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Our Story


A girl once dreamed to capture reality in photographs and preserve moments that otherwise would have been forgotten in the twist of time. With hardwork and talent, she took off on the roads less travelled and walked on the difficult path. 

4 years later, now the dream is as real as the moments she kept capturing; the laughter of a baby, the freckles of an old lady, grace of a bride to-be-married, and even the colorful, ever-changing landscapes.

Falguni Waghela, founder of Blackam Creations, is a renowned artist who not only helps you create moments worth capturing, but also captures the ones worth remembering. Her versatile background of Mass Media takes creativity to the next level with every new project.

Co-Founder, Paras Panchal, Masters in Engineering Management background who is also our Business Head, believes in quality, time management and professionalism.

Blackam Creations is now shooting nation-wide, canvassing weddings and functions of all cultures and themes. The core values of Blackam Creations are shared by all team members, like looking through one big thought bubble, to turn all visuals and fantasies of the clients into existing reality.

The team welcomes all projects with loud cheers, team-work, enthusiasm, punctuality, and unique inspiration. Blackam Creations is expanding and truly follows the quote from a wise man, “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

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